Most of our HOME STYLE BREADS stay fresh at room temperature for 7-10 days securely wrapped in a plastic bag. The cheese breads should be eaten within five days or frozen. Unsweetened Nine Grain and Spelt are three day breads.

Put our ARTISAN LOAVES in a plastic bag after the first day. The whole wheat hearth loaves will stay fresh for about five days. The other hearth breads should be eaten within two days. Baguettes are one day breads.

BAG IT As soon as your loaf is cool to your wrist (usually about two hours after baking), put it in the plastic bag. Otherwise, condensation will form inside the bag and make the loaf soggy. Tie the bag securely to prevent air from drying out your bread.

LOVE IT - Please don't put your bread in the fridge, because it will dry it out and taste stale, even if it's still in the bag.

FREEZE IT - Our bread is perfect for freezing, but wait until its totally cool. To prevent freezer burn, just ask us for an extra bag, and then double-bag your bread before freezing. (Many people will freeze half a loaf and leave the other half on the counter.) Store your bread frozen for up to three months.

THAW IT - When thawing your bread, use any appliance except a microwave.Ovens are good (350° for about seven minutes), and toasters are even better. To warm the bread, continue heating for an additional 10-15 minutes. We recommend wrapping your bread in aluminum foil when warming in the oven.

SLICING IS EASY - When you bring home one of our big, round loaves, you may be tempted to take a bite at one side and eat right through to the other. But if you want to share some of the delicious bread with your family and friends, here is our recommended slicing technique.

#1 -  Start by slicing off the heel.

#2 -  Turn the loaf on a slight angle and slice another heel.

#3 -  Return the loaf back to the original position and make a slice in the same direction as the first heel.

Continue making slices, alternating the direction of your slice along the two different angles (top view).

Unsliced loaves taste better. The unsliced crust seals in the flavor and moisture. Of course, sliced bread is more convenient and we’ll do the slicing for you with most loaves. Some won’t safely go through our slicer.